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Permagard Automotive
Permagard Automotive

With Permagard your vehicle will look like the day it was delivered and there is no better way to protect its appearance.


Your car's finish needs to be protected, be it one of the newer clear-coated finishes or an older traditional finish. Paint oxidises with time and will eventually dull and dissipate its colour resins, all of which can be avoided with a little care.

All paints contain 'oils' that are necessary. Sunlight, oxygen, airborne pollutants and incorrect care deplete these oils. More often than not, it is neglect that destroys a finish.

Permagard's main ingredients are of the most protective coating elements known to man.

The advanced reactive polymer structures developed in our coatings, lock and bond in multiple layers protecting against all types of chemical attacks (acids, insects, pollution) on your paint and even repel most dirt from sticking to the paint so your vehicle stays incredibly clean between washings.

When washing is needed you can simply rinse dirt away with water. Nothing is easier. Nothing protects as well. Nothing lasts longer and has a deeper gloss.

Protection Packages

Paint Protection: $1,500 inc. GST

  • Reduced Maintenance – Self-Cleaning properties, repels dirt and grime, easier to wash no need to wax or polish.
  • Stain resistance.

Leather Protection: $1,500 inc. GST

  • Preserves – Encapsulates and maintains your new leather look & smell.
  • Protects – Protects against UV rays and the cracking & fading caused by UV exposure.

Fabric Protection: $1,500 inc. GST

  • Protects – Against penetration of food and water based liquid spills.
  • Repels – Liquids ‘bead up’ making them easy to remove.

Vinyl Protection: $1,500 inc. GST

  • Scuff protection – Barrier limiting scuff mark adherence.
  • Protects – Protects against UV rays and the cracking & fading         caused by UV exposure.

All treatments come with a lifetime warranty.

Full Permagard Package Offer:  $2,500 inc. GST

  • Package the above treatments, paint, vinyl & leather or fabric protection.

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