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The option to choose a Subaru All-Wheel-Drive vehicle is becoming increasingly popular among fleet owners due to the safety of an All-Wheel-Drive, plus strong resale value.

Safety – Collision Protection

Occupant Safety

Ancap Rated

All new Subaru variants have a five-star occupant safety rating, from the independent Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). This means that no matter which model Subaru you or your staff drive, you have the peace of mind of maximum 5 star occupant safety. Right from the design concept, our engineers aimed to make our vehicles the safest in their class, which is a very important consideration when purchasing a vehicle.

Safety starts with All-Wheel Drive

Subaru constant All-Wheel Drive offers optimum traction in all conditions, all the time. It is a safety advantage offering almost twice the grip of two-wheel drive and superior to many other part-time All-Wheel Drive systems – which is why Subaru vehicles are among the safest in their class for accident avoidance. On tight corners, wet roads, in snow and on muddy tracks, Subaru achieves optimum traction. The ideal balance of the symmetrical drive train provides extra control, while the horizontally opposed Boxer engine sits low and flat in the engine bay, underlining the centre of gravity.

All Wheel Drive

Vehicle Dynamics Control System (VDC)

A standard feature on selected Subaru models is Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) – a premium stability control system designed to give you optimum control in emergencies. For a safer ride, VDC monitors and analyses the driving conditions via an array of sensors, so that power and safety are not compromised. In extreme situations, such as swerving, side-slipping or entering a spin, VDC activates to control vehicle stability via torque distribution, power reduction or braking in accordance with the level of danger detected by the system.

vehicle dynamics control system

Retained Resale Values

Our success in part is due to:

  1. Never flooding the market with new vehicles that need to be distress sold.
  2. Not ‘chasing’ a large number of big accounts.
  3. Changing model years over during, rather than at the end of each year.
  4. Our disciplined marketing and branding. The Subaru brand is the most valuable asset we have and what we do with the brand today determines our success tomorrow!
  5. An affinity with our customers, where they most likely choose their vehicle for reasons of safety, handling/ride, lifestyle, performance, fuel economy and Retained Resale Value.
  6. Our reliability, which is one of the primary reasons we regularly enjoy the highest intention to repurchase by customers after 12 months of ownership.
  7. The latest advanced engine immobiliser and DataDot technology which has contributed to reduced theft rates.
  8. The passion of our staff, retailers and customers!

We would ask you don’t take our word for it, rather please look at the independent Glass’ or Redbook data on Retained Resale Values.


Visit Subaru online for more information at: www.subaru.com.au

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